U2U Foundation

U2U Foundation

The core elements of the U2U Foundation's mission are decentralization and maximizing the community's power through the builder venture model. This drives the comprehensive development of the Unicorn

The Principles of The U2U Foundation

The U2U Foundation is committed to upholding a set of decentralization principles, in particular:

A transparent, democratic, and equal environment

The U2U Foundation will build and distribute programs to fund fairly and democratically. Regardless of member or admin, we all share the same house, which ensures everyone has equal access to that program while subject to the same rules.

An open community built on a trust culture

The U2U Foundation's decisions are always transparent and based on a dialogue with its community. We will ensure all U2U members' voices are heard and are operationally aligned with the network's long-term goals.

A motto focused on the community's role

The U2U Foundation aims to maximize community power in its governance, including reviewing Foundation Grant Program applications, the projects' potential, and other decisions.

How does the U2U Foundation's decentralized mechanism work?

U2U operates with a governance model to ensure decentralization for all participants without permission, through which:
  • Any U2U token holder with sufficient stake can join the validator set.
  • Any U2S token holder (who receives the initial certification) can vote for vital decisions.
Besides, the most important of U2U decentralization is ensuring fairness and transparency, avoiding dictatorship when one or more holders manipulate decisions by accumulating U2U tokens.
In addition, the ecosystem of U2U is developed based on the builder venture model, so it will attract many developers of different projects from which each party will receive the attention of different members of the community. The problem is that some members will not have/do not have enough capital or resources needed to get enough stakes to vote for those projects (to receive U2S) that they are interested in. The U2U Foundation wants to ensure that does not become a barrier to participating in U2Us operations.
So, the U2U Foundation intended to create the U2U Delegation Policy, which will give the U2U token holders good options to delegate via U2U Foundation and help community members seeking good opportunities to invest in potential projects or bootstrap their projects.
Although we are still finalizing the details of this policy - including the application process and requirements - we want to notice so that every member understands that the U2U Foundation is committed to decentralization to ensure transparency, fairness, and democracy for the community.
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